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Delight your taste buds & awaken your senses.


Most cupcakes are available in mini, regular and extra large sizes.`

About Us

Who is "Sweet Margarete"

When my daughter, Margarete was an infant our family visited a quaint, Victorian town where the idea of starting a family business serving unique and elegant desserts began. The idea remained dormant for a few years until I designed an elaborate cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday and discovered a passion for creating something that brings a smile to everyone in the room…and Sweet Margarete’s was born. She is the inspiration that allows our mother-daughter bakery to provide you with homemade baked treats made with love and pride. 

Original Flavors

Made to order, your cupcake or confection is designed to make your taste buds happy! We specialize in unique flavor combinations which excite and delight your mouth! Some bakeries choose to dazzle your eyes with pretty cupcakes, but don’t really awaken your senses. Our specialty is choosing flavor combinations which excite & delight your senses. Whether you like sweet, salty, tangy or spicy—we have a dessert for you!

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We'd love to hear from you. You can call us at 973∙277∙4813 or send us a message!

We are a virtual bakery. We participate in local farmers markets, pop-up shops and seasonal bazaars. Subscribe with your email to receive invites to our events.


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